Something Something

Something something is a magazine created by participants of youth exchange “Stories of Human Right 2” in Bremen. The goal of the youth exchange was to explore the topic of human rights using creative writing techniques. Something something is our own personal stories. Stories about human rights. About my rights, about your rights about the right … More Something Something

Theatre of the Oppressed Methodology

The Theatre of the Oppressed methodology consists of a series of games, exercises and techniques which involve the body, the senses and engage personal experience of participants to create opportunities for critical reflection of our social reality, build dialogue and jointly search for bottom-up solutions to social issues. As an interactive and participatory form of theatre, … More Theatre of the Oppressed Methodology

Call for Participants for Stories of Human Rights III

💡WHAT: Youth exchange about human rights and performance art. 💡WHERE: Krasnodar, Russian Federation 💡WHEN: 23 February – 3 March 2019 This youth exchange is a continuation of youth exchanges we have already organised in Lviv(about human rights and theatre of the oppressed) and Bremen(about human rights and storytelling). The youth exchange in Krasnodar will gather … More Call for Participants for Stories of Human Rights III

Call for Participants for Stories of Human Rights II

We’re waiting for you to become a part of the project! WHEN: 24 November – 3 December WHERE: Bremen, Germany We are looking for participants from GERMANY! for the Youth Exchange that will bring together 24 young people from Ukraine, Germany and Russia. We will come together to explore the topic of human rights through … More Call for Participants for Stories of Human Rights II

What is Theatre of the Oppressed

Youth exchange “Stories about human rights” has Theatre of the Oppressed as its main method. In this post we are going to talk about the method and its history. The Theatre of the Oppressed  was first elaborated as a theatrical form  in the 1970s by Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Boal.  Boal’s techniques use theatre as means of promoting … More What is Theatre of the Oppressed


What: 8 day youth exchange about human rights Where: Lviv, Ukraine Key working methods: theatre of the oppressed, performance, art. “Stories of Human Rights” will bring together 28 young people from Ukraine, Russia and Germany. The project aims to raise awareness about different cultures and human rights so that to form a base for engagement … More CALL for PARTICIPANTS